Bully 4 U Bulldogs - Raising Happy Healthy Bulldogs
Our goal at Bully 4 U Bulldogs is to raise happy healthy English Bulldogs that will not only be a beloved member of the family, but to also live a healthy life without the issues that have long been a problem with the breed. We have been breeding English Bulldogs for 11 years, and have worked to breed to only healthy males. For those of us who want a healthy English Bulldog, finding one that still has the qualities of the breed that endears them to us, is hard to find. Owning an unhealthy English Bulldog can be very costly. Many Bulldogs have breathing, skin, joint, and eye issues. Just because you purchase a puppy that is registered, does not mean they will be free from defects. There are many breeders out there that will breed a dog that is known to have health conditions (even AKC show dogs). I learned this the hard way. You can still have a great looking Bulldog without the health issues.Whether you purchase a puppy from Bully 4 U Bulldogs or some other breeder, my desire is to help this loving breed live a longer, healthier life. It's the least we can do for mans best friend. Please, if you are looking for a family pet, choose one that will have a better chance of being your companion for many years to come.
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